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As many businesses do, ours started with a story. Our story started with a sausage dog and an independent business. In 2003, I set up my own bookkeeping business, MC Bookkeeping. As my business grew and developed I was able to move from working in an office in my home to renting my own office in my local town, Leighton Buzzard. My business was then able to grow even more and I was noticed by more people. I was at my first office for around 7 years until I decided to make a change. Our stubborn but adorable sausage dog Reggie was brought into our lives in 2017 and from the moment we met him we knew he would be the man of the house... and the office! Whenever my clients would come in to my office, the first thing they would ask is 'where's Reggie?' People would stop and stare at his innocent face staring out the window, this is when we knew he was practically a local celeb! So we decided to give him his own corner. 

The whole family used to love looking at all the different products you can buy for dogs, and this is where our new venture started. We spent time researching the different products small independent suppliers produce in the UK, and finding the products we love the most. After a long time of researching and preparing how we wanted our shop to look, in May 2019 Reggie's Corner finally opened and we are lucky enough to sell our favourite products in our own store! From dog leads to candles to cover up dog smells, we sell everything a dog-loving family needs. 

Leighton Buzzard is a small town and not everyone knows where it is, so we didn't think it would be fair to not give dog mummy's and daddy's from other part of the country the opportunity to buy from us, which is why we decided to set up our own website! Find pretty much everything we sell in the shop here on the website from the comfort of your home, with everything able to be delivered straight your door. We wanted everyone to be able to experience the love Reggie gives, as well as finding your own perfect product for your pawsome pup, whether that be from in the shop or online.